A downloadable game

is a part of Braingale's ARCHITECTS EP, as mentioned on:


is a game about scaling a tower as high as you can, by cycling between three game phases:


In the build phase, you have access to an inventory of building items which you can use to construct platforms and mechanisms to help you scale further up the tower.


Next, new enemies spawn into the game world.


Finally, the game unfreezes itself, and you are given 15 seconds to achieve as much as you can. This includes climbing higher, fighting enemies, and opening treasure chests. The latter two provide you with cards, which can be flipped over during the build phase. Cards award you with random building blocks, potions, new weapons, upgrades, and other helpful items.

The tower gradually increases in difficulty the higher you climb, introducing new enemies and obstacles into the mix. How long can you survive?


Alt24-Demo- 90 MB